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5 Nit Picks for Revolutions TV Show

1. My 8 Year Old’s Nit Pick: “Why did the airplanes fall out of the sky straight down, shouldn’t they be falling forward in the direction they were already going?”

You’re absolutely right Kiddo, Go Get ‘Em Tiger!

2. No one has figured out how to build a steam engine even though the torches do in fact burn. (Okay, it turns out this one was a nit pick against the Monroe Republic only.)

3. Bio-Mechanics wasn’t coined for nothing, how come all life on earth wasn’t extinguished?

4. Why is there still lightning?

5. I suppose that after 15 years of farming and wood burning stove cooking and all the mending, making, and hand washing of clothes, that none of these characters would be half as good looking as they are. ¬†While they don’t have to be the mud crusted peasants from Monty Python’s Holy Grail, where’s the early homeless look?

Revolution on NBC TV