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5 Nit Picks on The EVENT Tv Show

Nit 1. Besides all the obvious nits that many many others have already pointed out like, it jumped around so much that you couldn’t follow it, the characters were too shallow because of the jumping around so that the viewers could never “relate” to any of them, I still liked it.  Sort of.  I’m going to just lump all of their criticisms into this one nit.

Nit 2. The real problem with the show is that they never even talk about The Event whatever it is until the end of the first season, and even then, it wasn’t until after the producers knew that it was already cancelled.  So we don’t have the foggiest idea what The Event is supposed to have been, except that it wasn’t the thing that actually happened.(See Below) Of course, that was partially why it was cancelled.

Nit 3. They only used one helicopter to take out 3 buses and that guy couldn’t shoot more than one sidewinder at a time without repositioning to shoot the next bus, huh?

Nit 4. Supposedly the aliens, as it turns out, are in fact from the Earth, but are a different slightly more advanced species of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, perhaps Homo Sapiens Smartipantsiensis. Supposedly they are smarter than we, live longer than we, and have much greater experience and knowledge of physics and technology than we.

Nevertheless, they decide that the best way to save their 2.5 Billion inhabitants of their planet from death by Nova, is to bring not just the inhabitants of their planet to the Earth, but to bring their planet to a near Earth orbit.  It appears to be approximately the distance from Earth as the Earth’s own moon-ish.

Okay, so first, Earth’s moon is going to smash into this other planet killing billions.

Second, if you think the tides are high when earth’s moon goes by, wait until you see what happens when a moon the size of a planet goes by causing not just higher tides that will submerge coastal cities and plains, but also ripples in the Earth’s crust or size 12 earthquakes.

Third of course is that the new planet is not whizzing around the earth in orbit.  If it were up that close and pretty for everyone to see, then you’d have to see it moving to know that it was in a stable orbit.  And therefore, they are going to fall together and destroy all life on both planets.  Eventually after forming one bigger planet and several moons, maybe in another 5 Billion years there might be life on the Super Biggie Sized Earth.  The End.

So, clearly not smarter than we are after all.

5. Why go through the whole exercise of trying to kill off 98% of human life on earth so that you can make room for the people from your planet to take over when in fact your method of bringing your people from your planet will in fact kill all the people on your planet?  Oh ya, because the producers already knew the show was cancelled and therefore it didn’t matter what they did. I guess they weren’t interested in making a The Event movie.

The EVENT TV Show on NBC has been cancelled, no duh.

5 Nit Picks for Revolutions TV Show

1. My 8 Year Old’s Nit Pick: “Why did the airplanes fall out of the sky straight down, shouldn’t they be falling forward in the direction they were already going?”

You’re absolutely right Kiddo, Go Get ‘Em Tiger!

2. No one has figured out how to build a steam engine even though the torches do in fact burn. (Okay, it turns out this one was a nit pick against the Monroe Republic only.)

3. Bio-Mechanics wasn’t coined for nothing, how come all life on earth wasn’t extinguished?

4. Why is there still lightning?

5. I suppose that after 15 years of farming and wood burning stove cooking and all the mending, making, and hand washing of clothes, that none of these characters would be half as good looking as they are.  While they don’t have to be the mud crusted peasants from Monty Python’s Holy Grail, where’s the early homeless look?

Revolution on NBC TV