Why I Write

Because I have to.

Stories have been brewing in my skull for so many years. Over the years stories have come and gone, some preserved in my psyche others on hard-drives that failed. Having realized that these characters need a home, I have built them one, the FrightBox. Until you free your soul, your life is a FrightBox.

Have you ever seen a ghost? How long do you think we live once we’ve shed our sacks of bacteria festering meat soup we call our bodies? It’s a simple truth.

The truth will set you free on this Earth from earthly things. But it’s the author of that saying who sets your soul free. Until you’ve done that, your life is a FrightBox . . . there’s the respect that makes calamity of so long life, because your life is going to be longer than the lives of the neutron stars which exploded and made the star-stuff that you’re made of.

Because I die daily and day life is horrifying.

David L Nelson

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