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Natalie Nee on “how to avoid a common issue when recording vocals PLUS VIDEO of me [Natalie Nee] singing “Lovin’ You” by Minnie Riperton”

Natalie’s Explanation:

“A couple weeks ago, I sang on a Climaxes session with Barry Donegan of Look What I Did and Evan Brewer of Animosity. Once or twice while recording Barry’s dynamic vocals, we ran into one of the most common and frustrating recording problems.

As a singer who performs both in studios and on stage, I can testify that the difference between those two settings (and types of microphones used) is huge, and failing to adapt your vocal dynamics (or volume) to a studio setup can have very frustrating repercussions. (Pun intended. :P)

The problem with being a naturally loud stage-singer accustomed to projecting your voice all the way to China is that studios are small, and microphone sensitivities vary. If a loud singer is too close to a sensitive mic, the mic will distort those ample vocals when the vocalist decides to go for a big crescendo.

This problem can usually be solved by taking a step back from the mic. Just be sure to come in a step closer when you get soft and intimate again. Moving for no reason when recording a vocal will mess up the levels.. so stop dancing while you sing. I won’t name any names… 😉

If you want to know what not to do in a recording session, watch this video I recorded of myself covering “Loving You” by Minnie Riperton whilst not being bored at work. :)”

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