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Long Exposure Photography

I love photography and long exposure photography is one of my favorites.

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Aimee Mann on Her New Album Mental Illness and String Accompaniments

So is it just me or is Aimee Mann like about sixty (60) now? I mean, you can barely tell. That’s pretty awesome. I loved Til Tuesday when I was in High School and since then have just been so … Continue reading

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The Afghan Girl Photograph

A discussion of this iconic photograph The beautiful picture is so powerful. While we don’t know what the post-production was, the original shot is just so so so cool. If you love photography, or if you just love this picture, … Continue reading

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Leap of Faith – Some Leaps Are Faithier Than Others

Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith. Like it or not. Everybody knows that. You take a lot of them really. When you choose your wife or your husband. When you pick out a house in the remote … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Kill the Kitten You Get 500 Pounds

Um, so why didn’t she just take the kitten out of the box? Video by Derren Brown, Could You Kill A Kitten?  

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Chapter 4: Annika’s Grandmother

As we drove, Annika explained that we were going to meet her Grandmother for breakfast. She made a look on her face that almost resembled a smile. “Everyone in the family has to meet Grandmother Sissel. Even Marty had to … Continue reading

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Chapter 3: Waking In My Car

Shivering, I awoke in my car. Parked in my driveway, the interior smelled of autumn forest. Sort of a rotten pine scent with overripe blackberries. So cold. Raising my seat to its nearly upright position, I realized that the steering … Continue reading

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Watch “Bunnies can fly…proof” on YouTube

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My Calculator has been Assimilated

By the Borg again. Damned. Continue reading

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Blowing Up Stuff in a Microwave

Just had to share this one.

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